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YLPF-1 / YLPF busway intelligent monitoring and protection instrument

Product name

YLPF-1 / YLPF busway intelligent monitoring and protection instrument

Product description

F-1母线槽智能型多路巡检监控保护仪,采用工业银仪表专用芯片,体极小、智能化水平高,具有可靠性好、抗干扰能力强等优点。 YLP F-1 bus duct intelligent multi-channel patrol monitoring and protection instrument, using industrial silver instrument dedicated chip, has a very small body, high level of intelligence, good reliability, strong anti-interference ability and other advantages. It is suitable for monitoring the operation of the bus duct in the bus trunk system, monitoring the temperature rise of the bus duct, and making timely judgment and treatment of the fault. Make sure that the busway runs safely.

F-2母线槽智能监控保护仪,采用大规模集成电路和先进的非线性校正技术,具有准确度商、可靠性好、抗干扰能力强等优点。 YLP F-2 busway intelligent monitoring and protection instrument, using large-scale integrated circuits and advanced non-linear correction technology, has the advantages of accuracy quotient, good reliability, and strong anti-interference ability. The main monitoring of the busway during operation is overload, short circuit, loose joints or other factors that cause the busway to heat up. When it exceeds the normal permitted temperature rise of the busway, it is used as an alarm or cut off the power. The monitor has a single-point control function, which is suitable for setting parameter change points at the busbar inlet, after the capacity is changed, the load is more concentrated and the capacity changes, and it is used as an intelligent monitoring device for the busbar.

Structure feature

-1母线槽智能型多路巡检保护监控保护仪,采用高亮度LED测量数字显示,全开放式仪表参数设定界面,傻瓜式操作方式,操作简单、灵活。 YLPF -1 busway intelligent multi-channel inspection protection monitoring and protection instrument adopts high-brightness LED measurement digital display, fully open instrument parameter setting interface, fool-type operation mode, simple and flexible operation. The setting parameters and operating data of the instrument can be stored for a long time after power failure, eliminating your worries. The number of inspection points is optional within 16 points, and special requirements can be customized. The inspection switching time can be set, and each point can be set with upper and lower limit alarms to meet different monitoring requirements. The alarm output point can be used as a common alarm point, or it can be output as a separate alarm point with 1 to 4 points. Provide multiple alarm functions. The multi-channel patrol controller can automatically inspect the monitoring points of the main bus line according to the set time. The fault point will be automatically identified and an alarm signal will be issued. No manual investigation is required to improve work efficiency and ensure the safety of the busway.

-2母线槽智能监控保护仪,全LED数码显示,量程调节简易直观,可实时监控母线干线的运行状况。 YLPF -2 busway intelligent monitoring and protection instrument, full LED digital display, easy and intuitive range adjustment, real-time monitoring of the busbar operation status. The controller has two functions: over-temperature alarm and limit alarm. When the busway exceeds the normal allowable temperature rise, the controller sends a fault alarm signal to notify the duty staff to check the line load operation and take an adjustment plan in time; such as the temperature rise of the busway Failure to effectively reduce in time and continue to rise to the limit temperature rise value carried by the busway, the intelligent monitoring and protection device of the busway sends out a dangerous alarm signal again, cuts off the main power supply of the busway, protects the system safety from damage, and ensures that the busbar system Run under normal temperature rise. The features of using this controller are simple wiring, small line loss, convenient control, and complete functions.

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