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YL-CMC busway plug-in box

Product name

YL-CMC busway plug-in box

Product description

Yonglian plug-in box has aluminum alloy shell, cold-rolled steel shell, plastic shell, the protection grade of the shell is IP65, IP54, IP40, the current can be selected from 5A-800A. When the plug-in box is inserted or pulled out of the busway, its plug-in interface is automatically opened or closed, and the plug-in place is silver-plated, which has more reliable electrical safety performance. In addition, if the plug-in box is inserted and removed with load, because the arc will be generated at the moment of disconnection or contact, the larger the breaking current, the larger the arc that is generated will be more difficult to extinguish. A severe arc can cause an electrical fire or even serious personal injury and death. Therefore, the plug-in box of the Yonglian busway is equipped with a mechanical interlocking device. The circuit breaker of the plug-in box can only be inserted or pulled out in the open state. After the plug-in box is inserted into the busway, the box door can be closed to operate the circuit breaker, and the circuit breaker is closed. When the circuit breaker is in the closed position, the plug-in box door has been automatically locked and cannot be opened, thereby preventing electrical accidents caused by arcs that occur when plugging and unplugging with load.

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