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Power distribution scheme for busbar in transformer substation

Power distribution scheme for busbar in transformer substation

Scope of application

With the continuous development of the national economy and the increasing load of electricity, the traditional low-voltage and high-current cables used in transformer substations can no longer meet the requirements of installation and use. .

2. System characteristics

With the dramatic increase in power loads, designers prefer to use large-capacity transformers for power supply and distribution. Bus ducts are favored in the mutual connection between transformers and distribution cabinets, and distribution cabinets with a current carrying capacity of up to 5000A. Using bus ducts to feed power can improve the reliability and stability of the power supply system, as well as installation and maintenance. More convenient.

At each control point of each section of busway, an intelligent monitoring and protection device for busway is installed, which can timely grasp the load usage of each section of busbar. If the bus of section I exceeds the allowable load, the controller will send a cheating signal to notify the duty personnel to invest in the load sharing of the section of bus. If the buses of sections Ⅱ and II still cannot meet the power supply requirements, then the buses of sections III and IV will be put in to ensure the normal power supply of the system.

Concrete layer double busway power supply scheme

Scope of application

This solution is suitable for high-rise buildings. The capacity of a single bus is too large, and the capacity is distributed using a dual bus.

2. System characteristics

The power supply main line is composed of two bus bars, and each layer is provided with a plug interface. During normal use, the plug-in boxes are staggered and installed between sections 丨 and II of the busbars to maintain the load balance of the two sections of busbars, and the other busbar slot plug-in interface is used for backup processing. If a certain section of busbar fails, the spare plug-in interface of another section of busbar can provide power in time to ensure the normal power supply of the system.

The YLPF-2 busway intelligent monitoring and protection instrument is installed in the busway, which can monitor the operation of the busway in real time, ensure that the busway runs under normal load, and make the use of the busway more economical and reasonable.

The horizontal part of the basement of this solution adopts a bus duct with an enclosure protection level of up to IP66, which can effectively prevent the basement from being wet or the failure of the power system due to fire fighting water. The vertical shaft section adopts the busway with IP65 enclosure protection, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of safety accidents, make the performance of the busway reliable, the system stable, and the operation safer.

Each layer of busway is provided with a plug-in interface, which is convenient for tapping and fast installation. The current level of the plug-in switch can be selected according to the load situation.

Adopt a three-phase five-wire power supply system. When a ground fault occurs in the system, it can quickly cut off the fault circuit, protect the safety of people, equipment, and lines, and improve the safety and reliability of the power supply system

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