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High-rise comprehensive office building, factory production line power supply scheme

High-rise comprehensive office building busway power supply scheme
Scope of application

This solution is suitable for the power supply system of high-rise comprehensive large-scale office buildings.

2. System characteristics

With the continuous development of the national economy, network information office is an inevitable choice for modern office. The stability of the power supply system will directly affect the system management of the enterprise, so power distribution by function is already the first choice for customers.

This solution separates the power supply systems of lighting, air conditioning, and computers from each other, and each power supply system does not interfere with each other, so that a large area of power failure caused by a system failure will not lead to data loss. Because the power supply system consists of multiple bus trunks, each

The main line is equipped with YLPF-2 busway intelligent monitoring and protection instrument to ensure the normal operation of the power supply system ^

YLPF-2 busway intelligent monitoring and protection instrument has two functions: over temperature alarm and limit alarm. When the allowable temperature rise of the busway is exceeded during the operation of the system, a fault signal of the busway is issued. If the fault is not eliminated in a timely and effective manner, the controller will issue a dangerous signal again to cut off the total power of the system to ensure the safety of the power supply system.

The high protection level bus duct provides strong guarantee for the safe operation of the system to improve the stability and reliability of the system. The bus duct up to IP66 can effectively prevent the insulation of the bus duct from falling down or even short-circuiting due to the dampness of the basement or the leakage of fire water or buildings. The vertical shaft part is less affected by external factors, which can reduce the protection level of the busway.

Each layer of busway is provided with a plug-in interface, which is convenient for tapping and fast installation. The current level of the plug-in switch box can be arbitrarily selected according to the load requirements.

Factory production line power supply scheme

Scope of application

This solution is suitable for factory production workshops, assembly lines, as the backbone of power, lighting transmission and distribution systems.

2. System characteristics

The power supply of the production workshop is composed of workshop lighting, power consumption, assembly line sockets and lighting, etc. According to the power load distribution, the power supply system is composed of F, S, Z bus ducts, and the current level is selected according to the power load.

S-type and Z-type bus ducts can be directly suspended and installed with fluorescent lamps or other lighting fixtures, which is fast to install and convenient to connect.

The bus duct is installed above the workbench, and the power supply is easy to use. At the same time, because it is closer to the workbench, it can reduce the power of lighting fixtures, save energy and reduce production costs.

The plug-in box depends on the installation height, and a remote control switch can be selected to make the operation more convenient and free.

According to your needs, industrial sockets, panel sockets, circuit breakers, fuses, leakage switches can be installed in the plug-in box, and it is safer to use electricity.

There are multiple plug-in interfaces on the busway, and the configuration is flexible, which is convenient for equipment disassembly, movement and workshop layout adjustment.

The busway intelligent monitoring and protection instrument is installed on the busway, which can monitor the running status of the busway in real time, ensure that the busway runs under normal temperature rise, and ensure the safety of the system.

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