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Power supply solutions for busbars in big hotels and shopping malls

Hotel busway power supply scheme
Scope of application

This solution is suitable for the power distribution system of hotels, large exhibition centers.

2. System characteristics

In order to pay attention to the corporate image, the requirements for power supply reliability are becoming higher and higher. Special power supply to each functional area of the system can improve the stability and reliability of the power supply system. According to the characteristics of the hotel, this solution classifies the power supply systems of catering, commerce, guest rooms, emergency, and central air conditioning, and the power supply systems do not interfere with each other, improving the stability of system operation.

Since the power supply system is composed of multiple bus trunks, a busway monitoring device is installed at each part where the parameters of the trunk vary greatly to ensure the normal operation of the power supply system.

YLPF-2 busway intelligent monitoring and protection instrument has two functions: over temperature alarm and limit alarm. When the allowable temperature rise of the busway is exceeded during the operation of the system, a fault signal of the busway is issued. If the fault is not eliminated in a timely and effective manner, the controller will issue a dangerous signal again to cut off the total power of the system to ensure the safety of the power supply system.

To ensure the stability of the system and the safety of operation, the protection grade of the busway enclosure is an important point that cannot be ignored. According to the different requirements of the use environment to choose the protection level of the busway shell can achieve twice the result with half the effort. For the horizontal section of the basement due to moisture, fire fighting water, and leakage caused by the quality of the building, the use of IP66 busway in the horizontal section can ensure the safe operation of the busway. Due to the single function of the vertical part, its protective performance far exceeds that of the horizontal part, and the protection level can be appropriately reduced to meet the power supply requirements.

Supermarket Supermarket Power Supply Solution
Scope of application

This design scheme is suitable for power and lighting of large shopping malls, supermarkets, department stores. The system has the advantages of convenient tapping, safety and reliability.

2. System characteristics

YLPF-2 intelligent monitoring and protection controller for busway is installed on the busway to monitor the running status of the busway in real time to ensure the safe operation of the busway.

With the monitoring and protection of the busway monitoring and protection instrument, the system can adopt a large number of variable capacity solutions to make the busway operation more economical and reasonable.

The system separates power for air conditioners, power, sockets, elevators, and lighting systems according to their functions to improve power supply stability.

The multi-channel plug-in interface setting on the bus duct makes it easier to access the power supply and adjust the layout of the mall.

With the realization of the remote control function, you only need to control all the lighting and electricity in the field in the centralized control room, and you can adjust the brightness of the lighting in the field in time to make the energy use more reasonable.

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