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YLMX / S production line power supply type bus duct

YLMX/S型母线槽两侧备有控制线槽,可敷设智能监控线、数据线,满足现代楼宇智能化管理鹅需要,使母线槽兼备电力传输和智能监控多重功能。 With the continuous progress of modern society, on the premise of meeting the power supply requirements, the requirements for the appearance, performance and use functions of power distribution products have also been continuously improved. The single power distribution function of the busbar can no longer meet the needs of modern production Control troughs are provided on both sides of the trough, and intelligent monitoring lines and data lines can be laid to meet the needs of intelligent management of modern buildings. The bus trough has multiple functions of power transmission and intelligent monitoring. A busbar intelligent monitoring and protection controller is installed in the system to monitor the operating status of the busbar in real time. When the busbar is overloaded, short-circuited or the temperature rise of the busbar exceeds the allowable range due to other conditions, a fault alarm signal can be issued in time to ensure the bus The trough runs in a safe state. This busway is easy to install and has a neat and beautiful layout. Multiple plug-in interfaces can be set on the busway, and the power is tapped quickly. The plug-in box can be installed with various industrial sockets and ordinary sockets, making the equipment more convenient to move. The busbar is hoisted above the production line, arranged along the workbench or production line, and closer to the workbench, which can reduce the power of lighting fixtures, save energy and improve economic efficiency. The use of various elbow combinations and branches to meet the needs of multiple production lines in the workshop. If you need to adjust the layout of the workshop, you only need to disassemble the busbar connectors and reassemble them without causing waste.

This series of busbars can be selected from 160A to 1600A, which can meet the needs of power distribution in different environments. It is suitable for lighting and power feeding systems in factory production lines, warehouses, supermarkets, convention centers, high-rise office buildings and other places.

This product is suitable for power distribution systems in high-rise residential buildings, hotels, stations, supermarkets, factories, schools, comprehensive office buildings and various industrial buildings.