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YLMX / F Enclosed Intelligent Busway

YLMX / F closed intelligent busway is a Hi-tech product independently researched and developed by our company after many years of working experience in busway. It has won national patent technology, and its functions and technical indicators have reached the international leading level. This product can be equipped with multi-function bus devices according to different power loads and different places of use, which can filter grid harmonics, balance three-phase voltages, reduce electric heating losses, and can automatically adjust frequency, voltage and no power compensation. The earth improves the user's economic benefits, and the energy saving effect can be as high as 15-30%, reducing the cost of electricity and extending the life of the equipment. 母线槽的导电排无需打孔连接,采用双面压力无孔连接,确保导体截面不会突然变小,接触电阻小、温升低,使用安全可靠。 In addition, the busway can be equipped with an intelligent monitoring system to meet the needs of intelligent management of modern buildings. When the busway is overloaded or due to other adverse conditions, the busway is abnormal, and a fault alarm signal can be issued in time to ensure that the busway can be in a safe state for a long time. The conductive busbars of the busbars running underneath do not need to be perforated. The double-sided pressure non-perforated connection is used to ensure that the cross section of the conductor does not suddenly become small, the contact resistance is small, the temperature rise is low, and the use is safe and reliable. 两母线槽之间预留有足够的变化补偿空间,满足母线槽自身热胀冷缩的自然现象,自由收缩,无须另外设置伸缩节。 After the busway is connected with no holes, sufficient change compensation space is reserved between the two busways to meet the natural phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction of the busway itself, and it shrinks freely without the need for additional expansion joints.

The current-carrying conductor adopts the electrical conductive bar that complies with the national standard GB5585.1-5585.3. After the latest technology treatment, it is wrapped with high-quality flame-retardant and environmentally-friendly insulation materials with high insulation performance. The shell is made of high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy, with beautiful appearance, high mechanical strength, and good heat dissipation performance. The protection level is up to IP66, which can meet the outdoor and water-sprayed places.

This product is suitable for power distribution systems in high-rise residential buildings, hotels, stations, supermarkets, factories, schools, comprehensive office buildings and various industrial buildings.