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YLMX / M energy-saving intelligent dense busway

YLMX / M energy-saving intelligent intensive bus duct is a practical new high-tech bus duct product, which saves engineering construction costs and user fees compared to traditional bus ducts, and has considerable social economic benefits. To meet the needs of national reforms, it is used to replace the traditional common bus ducts and improve energy efficiency, which is vital for China's transition to an energy-saving society. The high-quality non-magnetic alloy material used in the busway product shell does not generate external electromagnetic wave radiation during the power transmission process, which can greatly reduce the line loss during the power transmission process, achieve energy conservation, and reduce electromagnetic wave radiation. Pollution. In addition, the product is also equipped with a heat sink and an increase in the heat dissipation area of the conductive bar to accelerate its heat dissipation, which can greatly reduce the temperature rise of the busway, reduce the electric field strength on the surface of the conductor, avoid corona discharge, reduce power transmission losses and radio interference The use of this energy-saving busway can effectively improve the power saving rate by more than 15% and effectively alleviate the shortage of power energy. The technical performance of the product has reached the leading technical level of similar products at home and abroad, and is the most ideal product to replace imported products.

The bus duct has a compact and beautiful appearance, small size, space saving, strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, and can meet the requirements of large-span installations. The current-carrying conductor insulation layer is H-class American DuPont polyester insulation material. The product is fully enclosed, the enclosure is well sealed, and the protection level is IP66, which is suitable for any harsh installation site. The low temperature rise of the bus, low energy consumption and strong current carrying capacity can greatly reduce investment costs. In addition, the busway is equipped with intelligent monitoring and protection devices throughout the process, and the system operating status is under control to ensure the safe operation of the power supply system.

The system is flexible in installation and configuration. The busway can meet the requirements of large-span installations, and sockets can be set at any position for easy disassembly. The current carrying capacity of up to 8000A can be suitable for the power distribution needs of different loads.
This series of bus ducts are mainly suitable for the power transmission and distribution power supply systems of chemical, metallurgical, industrial and mining enterprises, and various public venues and buildings, as well as high-rise buildings.